Tuesday, December 7, 2010


yes, tomorrow. no need to count the days la ain because tomorrow is the day.yeaahhh Registration Day :p i dont know exactly what i feel right now. excited, happy or sad. yaa sad maybe because i'll leave my room. hehe.excited ? of course laa. new place la katekan. emm happy ? not really. but i dont know why. ohh yaa the truth is i feel like someone who are afraid to live in such a 'huge' place. according to my senior, in Gombak they are very free ! what i really means here is that they are free from a strictly mak guard, clothes and also free from 'saman' hehe. i dont know the truth but this is what i've heard since im in cfs. ohh my God, this kind of freedom do not make me really happy for sure. im afraid that i'll be another AIN NAWAWI during my study there. i mean i mean emm i'll be over freedom HAHA. now, i pray that i'll always be the same AIN NAWAWI. no matter what, always remember mak n abah. solat n also be kind. insyAllah :) p/s : Salam Maal Hijrah :)


fara said...

ain...g kat blog ak..ko d tag!!!

norain nawawi said...

fara ! hehe aku f/da tgk daa . tpppppp aku x retiii hehehhe