Monday, October 17, 2011

Contribution for Rara Zikry's medical expenses

rara zikry :')

assalamualaikum. hye n hye again. haha. know what? i just found out about a pity girl name zarith nadira aka rara zikry. ya Allah, she's so pretty subhanallah. just now, i wasted my time searching for ehem2 on my fb. then i saw this page
'contribution for Rara Zikry's medical expenses'
zarith nadira, 23 years old are having hypoxic encepalopathy. i dont know exactly what it means but it something like pasal urat2 saraf kot. or you can read all about her at the above fb page. this happened to her secara mengejut. so we can see that segala nikmat yg kita ada ni bila2 masa Allah boleh tarik kan. so, back to her story, i know that Allah loves her so much. that's why Allah give this dugaan to her. kita tak tahu masa kita bila pulak kan. so lets pray for zarith nadira. we also can contribute sumbangan to her family. may our doa and some contribution can give back a normal life to her insyAllah :)