Thursday, December 16, 2010

december ♥ :)

hye all. hehe . so GOMBAK ! after 3 days with taaruf week alhamdulillah, i am now officially a student of INTERNATIONAL ISLAMIC UNIVERSITY MALAYSIA. taaruf week was so boringg n tiringgg ! i dont like it n never want to like it ! haha. but what have done is already done right ?! hehe. story bout uia kan . it is a huge place n the possibilities for me to lost is higher ok ! haha. i cant go anywhere without my friend . mybe this is for the first time kan. lame2 nnti ok la kot :) ohh yg x bole bla nye la kan . pasal class statistic . oh my GOD ! there are only 6 girls in my class. malu gile wehhh . kalo masok class 2 mmg tebalkan muke je laa. huhu. p nak wat camne redho je laaa . haha . k laa. thats it for tonite :)


izni said...

woaaaaa~ gile siket gurl! abeh laaa.. bole jd leader power puff gurl la lam klas! haha

norain nawawi said...

taw xpe izniii . haha kalo nak ponteng pon msti lectrer bley taw :( ehh ko da tuka url ke? nape aku x ley bukak ko nye blog ?