Wednesday, September 29, 2010

cak cak caaakkk :D

haha halo2 nak kopi ka milo? hehe nak gtawuu IM HOME * ceehhh blagak :p final exam suda selesai tp kan last paper mmg xley buat paper ape? ofcoz la MATH.Add Imagetakoott gile kalo xpass saye xnak blaja kat nilai da saye nak amek degree pulak heh :) sume org tlg doakan saye SUCCESS taw ! :) haha.xde koje la nih :D

Sunday, September 5, 2010

usim + uia

date: 27 august 1010 place: giant n chicken rice shop, nilai techenta ok, i MET them : with hehe. miss them very much lah. me and anis are studying at uia. they are student from usim. although our campus is near, to meet all together is very difficult la because we are busy with studying. BUT this tyme, 27 august 2010, we meet and break fast together. thanx to them for coming to uia hehe. we went to giant jalan kaki je ok. HAHA that is the first and the last tyme i''ll go to giant jalan kaki. PENAT! hahha :DD but it is worth laa coz while walking we got to sembang2 with each other hehe. hope we can get this chance once again with many more our friends it must be havoc and happening. hehe :D P/s: lovemyfriendsverymuch :)