Wednesday, October 20, 2010

thank you ALLAH :)

ya Allah, mmg unexpected ok dpt result camni.p ALHAMDULILLAH.thank you Allah for approved my doa'.i really2 thanx to you Allah.even i not pretty sure what i've done in my final especially for MATH, but Allah still give me a chances to pass.this is also a doa' from my parents and Allah approved their doa'.insyaAllah i am free from cfs :) ohh yeahh ! this is what i really2 want.hehe.but cfs nilai is GREAT.i feel like 'xsaba' to go to UIA GOMBAK and proceed my degree.insyaAllah, kalo ade rezeki :) credit to aisyah, azzianna, cik muni, najwa, amalina, nani, trah, farah, bell and mid for all your help.haa aisyahh thanx eh ajar saye math.hehe.*sampai die pon bengang2 ajar aku.hee. all the best to all of u. n i love u :)

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nanie said...

=) alhamdulillah