Monday, October 18, 2010

cuak kebebeh !!

20.10.2010.its a beautiful date rite?haha.but the beauty on this date will come out with final exam dgn ttbe i cant see the beauty in this date.HAHA.takot nye.. only Allah knew what i feel rite many thing in my mind : what if i cannot pass...what if i cannot go...n so on lah!.i want to be free from CFS. da xlarat da nak dudok sane. *walhal kg ko pon kat situ je kot.hahaahha!emm takot + nervous . xnak RESIT .ahha.. i got this quote from my frens blog :" just do our best and let ALLAH do the rest" :) saye da buat sehabis mungkin on the final exam ari 2. so now on let tawakal to Allah :) laa hau la walaa quwwata illabillah :)

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nanie said...

like like like that quote part

kita pun nervous jugak woooo aaaaaaaa