Sunday, May 6, 2012

blast saturday

last saturday was a very nice day for me
i need to go somewhere to get a peace for my mind

last two weeks was a very hectic weeks
jd tention melebih2
so kene carik keamanan

so i decided to follow daya n mel to go to pesta buku
but the, bersih stuff spoiled my plan
abg eyi tak bg pegi
bahaya kata dia
 im a lil bit upset but kata org tua kita kene ekot kan

hmm tp still i wanna go ouuutttttt
so me n bell asked kinah n ajak her to go to Taman Layang2
which i never been there before
we went there.
me bell aishah n kinah :)

that place ha mmg best
utk release tension
the environment and the scenery is so beautiful

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