Tuesday, May 24, 2011

bestfriend ♥

ahha ! one day, 3 post . hehe. ok, last sunday i made my day with my best best best friend haha myra, coren, zara, topek and bent. we went to klcc to watch NKTM. i really excited to watch. but, as ususal.. if you are so excited with one thing, then the result wouldnt be so great to you.HAHA. if you dont got it, issokay . pasnih da x nak excited lebih da sbb NKTM is very biasa punye cerita. but yes, it is sad story. tp x de lah sampai meleleh air mata. dia bergenang je . hehe. every people has their own opinion and for me this is my opinion. cerita dia veryyyyyyyy slowwww. hmm but it is worth la jugak sbb dpt klua jumpe kwn2. hee.
haha. ini kawan saya ok. semgt nak tgk nurkasih :p
this is my bestfriend. my true friend. she will be by my side when im sad and happy.amyra wahida :)
haha gamba jaoh tp dpt jugaak gamba berenam :p


fara said...

ain..kuar x ajak..huhu..;p

wei,, nak minx pendapat ni..katsini eh..tq..:)


norain nawawi said...

heheh settle ! :)

c0ren_16 said...

huuuu..ade gak gmbar aku..lalalala..